extensive experience in the project design, management and construction of industrial facilities

Project Designing

The process of creating plans, sketches or ideas

Project Designing

which satisfies specific objectives

Design Licenses

Chamber of Engineers of Serbia

License to Create Technical Documentation

and construction of capital facilities

Leading Role in Management

Multidisciplinary engineering solutions

Project  Designing

Project designing is the process of creating plans, sketches, or ideas to develop a product, system, or service. It involves a detailed consideration of all aspects and requirements of the project to create a design that meets specific objectives.

It is crucial that the project design process is tailored to the specific requirements and needs of the project to achieve success.

Delta Inženjering has extensive experience in the project designing, management, and construction of industrial facilities.

Our services on facilities include all phases, from conceptual project design and feasibility study to construction and project management services.


The gained experience makes it easier for us to anticipate the challenges that may arise during construction in various complex conditions, knowledge of the existing infrastructure and neighboring facilities to ensure the efficiency of construction and obtaining a certificate of occupancy.

We often play a leading role in managing multidisciplinary engineering solutions, from feasibility study, land selection, planning process to construction and building permit.

Constant commitment to the client is what separates us from other companies in a similar field. Our project  design team works in accordance with the client’s requirements to ensure a smooth passage through the legal and legislative processes to the construction of facilities.

The project design team

Monitoring Trends

Our project  design team consists of many graduated engineers in architecture, construction, mechanical engineering, technology, and electrical engineering with great experience as well as enthusiasm and knowledge of modern information and other technologies. They gained experience, both in our company and in the companies where they previously worked, mostly in the design of buildings for the needs of industry and accompanying infrastructure (hydraulic installations and roads).

In the design bureau, engineers are employed from interns who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge at the university, to those with rich work experience gained over the years of designing various industrial plants in the fields of cement industry, oil refining industry, chemical industry, metal industry and exploitation and processing mineral raw materials.

Guarantee of quality

Team Work

At Delta Inženjering teamwork is highly valued and prominent. Senior experienced engineers pass on their knowledge to younger colleagues, who represent our future and guarantee maintenance of the highest quality in the field of design.

Our engineers have design licenses issued by the Serbian Chamber of Engineers, and Delta Inženjering has a license for the preparation of technical documentation and the construction of capital facilities issued by the Ministry of Construction, Transportation, and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia.