Environmental Protection

Today we can boast of managing a large number of
capital investment projects in the country
Environmental Protection

Suez Vinča

Leachate Treatment Plant in the Landfill Vinča

Delta Inženjering has contracted with the company SUEZ from France to develop design documentation and to perform mechanical and electrical works on the construction of treatment plant for leachates from the municipal solid waste landfill Vinča.

The aim of technical documentation and execution of works is to build a treatment plant for leachates from the Vinča landfill body to prevent the flow of contaminated water into Danube. For evacuating water from the landfill body, a drainage system is provided that takes all the contaminated water to the lagoons that transports the water further to the treatment plant.

Environmental Protection


A Flue-Gas Desulfurization Plant (FGD)

Delta Inženjering completed the development of project and technical documentation, based on which the building permit was obtained for the commencement of works of the first phase, for the construction of a flue gas desulphurization plant (FGD) in the largest thermal power plant on the
territory of the Republic of Serbia, TPP Nikola Tesla A.

The construction of the FGD plant made it possible to reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and solid particles from TENT A (blocks A3-A6) and for Serbia to reach EU standards in the field of environment.

Environmental Protection

Ministry of Environmental Protection

Consulting Services and Expert Supervision During the Implementation of the Project of Improving District Heating in Kragujevac

The Ministry of Environmental Protection has signed with the consortium Delta Inženjering (leading partner) and Egis Contract for consulting services and professional supervision services on the project of improving district heating in Kragujevac.

The city district heating system of the city of Kragujevac has a total capacity of 433 MW, spread over six locations. The largest and oldest Zastava boiler house, with a capacity of 304 MW, is located in the city center. A total of 241 MW of this amount was obtained from three oversized and very inefficient coal-fired boilers, which were installed in the 1970s and caused serious air pollution, and the remaining capacity of 63 MW was obtained from two gas-fired boilers. On the basis of the Loan Agreement signed between the EBRD (European Bank for Investment and Development) and the Government of Serbia, the decarbonization of gas facilities in the Zastava boiler room of the district heating company was financed, which significantly improved the air quality in the city. The loan agreement financed the replacement of old coal-fired boilers for the production of thermal energy with natural gas boilers with a capacity of 110 MW.

Environmental Protection

HBIS Group Serbia

Feasibility Study of Dedusting Gases from the Casting Platform of Blast Furnace No. 2

After many years of activities to solve the problem of secondary emissions on the casting platform of blast furnace no. 2 within factory for steel production and hot and cold rolled products HBIS Group Serbia Iron & Steel, several studies and projects, the final solution for the secondary dedusting system of the blast furnace casting platform no. 2 started. The goal of this project solution is to bring secondary emissions under control, and thus compliance with European and domestic norms when it comes to air quality in the working and living environment.

Environmental Protection


Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Plant

Within the factory for production of pumps and pressure boosters Grundfos Serbia in Inđija has been constructed a very important facility – wastewater treatment and recycling plant.

Industrial wastewater occurs in the process of metal processing. For this reason, has been designed and constructed for the needs of the factory an oily wastewater treatment and recycling plant.

In addition to the aforementioned wastewater from the production process, purification of atmospheric water is also carried out by the construction of a special treatment plant.

Environmental Protection

Johnson Electric Niš 

Wastewater Treatment Plant from the AD Coating Process

Delta Inženjering performed the following tasks for the Johnson Electric company from Niš:

  • Design and construction of a plant for the treatment of technological wastewater from the line for the surface protection of metal parts AD Coating
  • Works on the reconstruction of the building of phase II of the Johnson Electric Plant Development Niš project, which included the execution of electrical, mechanical and installation technology in the AD Coating building, the Epoxy and WWTP section
  • Release of the plant in operation with testing, training of the workers, guidelines for operation and maintenance, technical acceptance.
Environmental Protection

Henkel Kruševac

Dedusting Filter

To increase the efficiency of the outlet gases purification system in the drying process in the tower it is planned adaptation of the complete purification system and transition to a dry filtering system of outlet air from the tower.

It has been installed a filter with filter bags on the tower top, which would treat all outlet air from the tower for drying of semi-manufactured goods.

Environmental Protection

US Steel

The Secondary Air-Dedusting Plant at the Converter and Mixer Departments of the Steel Mill

For the requirements of U. S. Steel Serbia in Smederevo, Delta Inženjering elaborated final and management designs for the secondary air-dedusting plant at the Converter and Mixer departments of the steel mill.

The technological processes of steel production take place in these two departments whereby a considerable amount of dust and combustion products are emitted, which need to be collected in an adequate manner and removed from air by filtering.

The system of secondary air-dedusting, which is now in progress, is designed to retain more than 95% of smoke gases released during production, so the steel mill of Smederevo is now becoming a part of ecologically acceptable process of steel production.

Environmental Protection

Holcim Novi Popovac

System for Dedusting and Air Filtration and a Wastewater Treatment Plant

Within numerous activities aimed at carrying out modernization and reconstruction of cement plants, we have participated in a great number of projects for the requirements of Holcim cement plant.

In view of that, our obligation was to find a solution for the issue of polluted air to comply with environmental control, through designing and implementing dedusting and filtering of air prior to being released to atmosphere.

The second, important aspect of environmental control, is water protection. We have built two wastewater treatment plants within Holcim cement factory:

  • wastewater treatment plant with the discharge of treated effluent into the Toplik stream, capacity 4l/sec.
  • wastewater treatment plant with the discharge into the Crnica river, capacity 20l/sec

Collective wastewater is treated at both plants (polluted atmospheric and sanitary-discharge water)