Mining and Energy

Today we can boast of managing a large number of
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Mining and energy


Consulting Services of the Construction Manager of the FIDIC Engineer of the New ECS System

Delta Inženjering together with the German company DMT from Essen has gained in public procurement performance of consulting services – a construction manager (FIDIC engineer) of a new ECS system on the public the “Drmno” surface mine in Kostolac.

The modern rotary excavator has a capacity of 6,600 cubic meters of tailings per hour, and the entire system also includes eight conveyors with a two-meter-wide belt, a 12-kilometer-long transport system, a new substation, while the disposal capacity is 8,500 cubic meters per hour.

Mining and energy

JKP Beogradske Elektrane

Services of FIDIC Engineers on the Implementation of the Obrenovac – New Belgrade Heat Pipe

The out-of-town heat pipe is intended to supply Belgrade with base heat energy. The projected capacity of the heat pipe of 600 MW provides heat energy for more than 50% of heat consumption in Belgrade. Since JKP Beogradske Elektrane in the development plan overlooks the shutdown of smaller, energy-inefficient heat sources and the connection of large and more efficient heating plants into a single system for supplying consumers, the non-urban heat pipe through the district heating plant Novi Beograd will be the largest heat source in Belgrade.

Mining and energy

Gangyuan Co. Smederevo

Development of Project Documentation and Engineering Services on the Project of the Lime Factory in Kučevo

The main goal of the project was to build the factory for production of quicklime, with the capacity of 600 t/day, by introducing new technology that allows lower energy consumption, and consequently reducing the negative effects on the environment, i.e. reducing them to the legally prescribed limits.

The new plant is comprised of the following technological units:

Mining and energy

JKP Beogradske Elektrane

Cogeneration Plant within the Complex of Heating Plant Voždovac

Delta Inženjering has prepared complete investment and technical documentation for the construction of cogeneration plant for the Investor JKP Beogradske Elektrane within the complex of heating plant Voždovac.

By this project is planned connection of the cogeneration plant equipment for sequential operation with the existing heating system, i.e. sequential operation with the boilers. An analysis of the operation and efficiency of the cogeneration plant was carried out, all based on the performed measurements of heat consumption for the preparation of sanitary hot water in the winter and summer period by months at the level of the whole year. Based on this analysis, the selection of equipment for the cogeneration plant was carried out.

Mining and energy

CCPP Pančevo

Technical Control and Supervision

Delta Inženjering was engaged to carry out technical control of projects for building permits and expert control of projects for implementation, as well as expert supervision during the execution of works on the CCPP Pančevo facility, supervision during the check, commissioning, as well as supervision during the verification of parameters.

Mining and energy

FIDIC Engineer Services on the FGD project TENT B

Delta Inženjering is the leader of the consortium of consultants (FIDIC Engineer) on the FGD project TENT B, which also includes the following companies: RWE Technology International GmbH, SEEC, NDC and Delta Preving.

The goal of EPS is to implement the project for the construction of the flue gas desulfurization plant for blocks B1 and B2 in TENT B in Obrenovac within the budget framework, defined schedule, necessary technical parameters, and quality.

Mining and energy

EPS AD branch TPP Kostolac

Feasibility Study of Kostolac Zapad Field Exploitation

Coal today represents the basic energy fuel in the production of electricity. The energy needs in the Republic of Serbia require that EPS and TPP Kostolac direct their strategic and business plans towards the construction of a new thermal capacity, block B3 with a capacity of 350 MW, and thus to increase coal production at the surface mine Drmno from the current nine to twelve million tons of coal per year.

Mining and energy

EPS AD TPP Kostolac A

Pneumatic Ash Collection TEKO A

EPS AD has announced a tender for the delivery, assembly and commissioning of pneumatic ash collection equipment at the Kostolac A thermal power plant.

As part of the project to replace the ash disposal system in the thermal power plant Kostolac A, there is a facility for the production of compressed air. Compressed air is used as control air in the entire ash and slag transport system and for ash transport (transport air) from blocks A1 and A2.

It is necessary to plan the construction of a new control air compressor station with all the necessary equipment, the installation of additional equipment, the reconstruction of the existing transport air compressor station, as well as the necessary adaptation in order to ensure the stable operation of the system.

Mining and energy


Plant for Delivery, Transport and Mixing of Coal

Preparation of complete design and technical documentation of the plant for delivery, transport and mixing of better quality coal with Kolubara lignite on the existing blocks of TENT, which will enable safe and continuous operation of thermal energy plants of EPS AD with maximum utilization.

Mining and energy


Installation of Secondary Measures to Reduce Nitrogen Oxides on Blocks TENT A3 – A6

The use of coal, petroleum products, natural gas as well as municipal and industrial waste for energy production in combustion plants causes pollution that is emitted with flue gases. Nitrogen oxides (NOx), one of the main pollutants, is produced in large quantities, even under optimized combustion conditions.

At the location of the Nikola Tesla A Power Plant in Obrenovac, for the purpose of reducing nitrogen oxides, it is necessary to build a plant for the reduction of nitrogen oxides in the outgoing flue gases by secondary measures.

Mining and energy


Biomass Plant for Cogeneration Production of Electricity and Heat in TPP-HP Zrenjanin

For the needs of the Investor EPS AD, branch of Panonska TPP-HP Novi Sad, it is planned the construction of a biomass cogeneration plant for production of electricity and heat. The newly designed block will be placed in TPP-HP Zrenjanin.

Mining and energy

AVR Solar Park

The 35 kV Cable Project for Connecting the Solar Power Plant in Saraorci to the Electrical Distribution System

The subject of this project is an underground 35 kV cable from the future building of the connection point to the existing building of the Lugavčina substation, which is laid for the purpose of connecting the future photovoltaic power plant in Saraorci of the Investor AVR Solar Park to the electrical distribution system. For the planned purpose of the solar power plant, there are possibilities of connection to the public power distribution network at the 35 kV voltage level.