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HBIS Group Serbia

Stepper Type Furnace

The design capacity of a new furnace is 1,690,000 t/year. To achieve hot rolling mill operation with a full capacity of 2,200,000 t/year, it is necessary to use one of the two existing furnaces in addition to the new furnace.

The project includes a stepper type furnace project, associated equipment (roll gang on loading and unloading side, filling, and discharging equipment, evaporative cooling system), fresh air fan facility, substation, exhaust fan facility, backflow receiving facility, and blast furnace gas pipeline in the length of 900m.

The new furnace uses blast furnace gas as fuel, using dual air-gas regenerative heating method, the exhaust gas temperature is reduced to ~ 150 °C, and thus recycling of flue gas waste heat is at the maximum limit, thereby saving energy and reducing natural gas consumption.