Coordination of different experts

Construction and Commissioning of Facilities

Construction and commissioning of all types of industrial facilities

Construction and Commissioning of Facilities

Delta Inženjering is a company which is engaged in the construction of all types of industrial facilities and their commissioning on a turnkey base.

Construction is a complex process that requires the coordination of various experts, the proper use of materials and tools, as well as compliance with regulations and standards to ensure the safety and functionality of the final product or building.

A top team of experts – architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, automatists, technologists – can realize the ideas of our future clients.


We pay great attention to project management by applying the latest technical and technological achievements as well as project management methods using the highest world standards and international regulations.

Care is also taken to develop employees’ environmental awareness in terms of preserving natural resources and the environment.

Coverage of Services

Branches of industry in which we are present:

Car industry

Food industry

Chemical industry


Oil and gas industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Health care

A team of engineers


We can praise with our own team of engineers with significant experience who are hardware qualified for the development of technical specifications of control PLC and HMI systems, software qualified for the development of PLC and SCADA applications and hardware and software qualified for calibration and parameterization of measurement and regulation equipment, commissioning, and validation of the system according to the client’s requirements.